Royal Green Mushroom Complex

Venjulegt verð 3.490 kr.

Royal Green uses absolutely no chemicals, preservatives, synthetic sweeteners or flavor enhancers. Naturally gluten free. Experience the difference now!

Royal Green Mushroom complex contains a powerful combination of 7 certified organic mushrooms. Guaranteed grown without the use of pesticides, 100% pure and certified Kosher.

The 7 specially selected mushrooms work synergistically and strengthen each others effect. Royal Green Mushroom complex delivers per 2 capsules: maitake 200 mg, reishi 200 mg, cordyceps 160 mg, enokitake 120 mg, zhu Ling 80 mg, shiitake 80 mg and lion’s mane 80 mg. Reishi is used to support the immune system.

Royal Green provides you with the following guarantees:
7 certified organic mushrooms
100% vegetarian capsules
Kosher and 100% pure