S5 Skincare

The Purity Collection

Venjulegt verð 4.590 kr.

This kit is a perfect introduction to the S5 range for blemish prone and combination skin.

It contains the 60ml Clarity Cleanser, the 15ml Balance Fluid and the 5ml Purity Serum.

Cleanser: Use this foaming wash if your skin is oily or combination and you find that you need a deeper cleanse than our neutralise cleanser (non foaming). It will also remove light make up but careful about the eye area.

Serum: This serum can be used for blemish prone or congested skin at any age as well as skin prone to oiliness. It can also be used on ingrown hairs caused by shaving.

Cream: This moisturiser has been specifically formulated with Alpine and Arctic bioactives as a potent anti-ageing care for normal to Oily skin.