S5 Skincare

The Replenish Collection

Venjulegt verð 4.590 kr.

An introductory kit for dryness and scarring contains:

Replenish Serum 5ml, Restore Cream 15ml and Nourish Cleanser 60ml.

Cleanser: Use this cleanser for normal to dry skin to gently cleanse without disrupting the skin’s natural barrier layer. It can also be used to remove heavy make up, possibly followed by a second cleanse for oily skin although it does rinse away without leaving an oily residue.

Serum: This serum is great for dry patches of skin and can be used to richen a moisturizer for winter months or whenever the skin feels dry. The non-greasy nature of this formula means it can be used underneath makeup without problem.

Cream: This moisturiser has been specifically formulated with Marine and Arctic bioactives as a potent anti-ageing care for normal to dry skin.