My Belt Buddy™

Venjulegt verð 13.216 kr.

The latest MYKITCO.™ Buddy has finally arrived and it's your first ever magnetic snap brush belt: MY BELT BUDDY™

Perfect for on-set with a detachable insert with extendable shoulder strap, this 2-in-1 belt allows you to tool up around your waist as well as over the shoulder.

All your makeup brushes and accessories exactly where you want them, exactly when you need them!

    Main Unit:

    L 24cm x H 24cm (back) / H 15cm (front pocket) x W 3cm

    2 x mesh pockets on front: L 11cm x H 10cm

    Removable Inside Compartment: Whole unit: W 24cm x H 23cm

    Front Row: 2 Pockets, W 12cm x H 12cm

    Second Row: 4 Pockets, W 6cm x H 14cm

    Third Row: 1 Pocket, W 24cm x H 18cm

    Back Row: 3 Pockets, W 8cm x H 23cm

    Maximum belt width: 105 cm (40")

    Minimum belt width: 68cm (27")